Thursday, April 12, 2012

When is _____ coming?

Today marks the day that our soon-to-be-born son reaches full-term in the womb.  Translation: He could literally be born any day now.  So sorry in advance if I don't respond to your phone calls or emails.  :)

I wrote this in my journal when we were at this stage in pregnancy with Espen (son number 3):

Is pregnancy a picture of anticipating Christ's return?  

I have to hold two truths equal:
1) Brittany could go into labor literally anytime.
2) Life needs to continue- food, sleep, work, kids.

This is similar to:
1) Jesus could come back literally anytime.
2) Life needs to continue.

I'd say that's pretty accurate.  The only addition I would make is that part of life is pursuing Jesus, making disciples, and sharing the gospel.  Thoughts?  It's what I'm thinking anyway.

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