Monday, April 30, 2012

A tale of interns

One year-round program of Camp of Champions is "Parents' Night Out."  We hold this event at various locations at least once a month.  We give parents the night out, while we entertain, care for and love on the kids that attend.

Parents' Night Out is where I learned the lesson that it's eventually easier (and ultimately more satisfying) to equip others to do the work.

Five years ago, I would plan the night's schedule, search for staff to help, and lead everything the entire night.  My voice would usually be shot by the end.

Now?  I find four "Night Out Interns" at the beginning of the school year and let them do the planning.  Searching for staff to help is immensely easier (because my interns are already planning on coming.)  And I only need to lead one or two things during the night, thereby protecting my voice.  :)

The lesson here really doesn't involve me, Camp of Champions, or Parents' Night Out.  The lesson is:  While you can make a run at doing everything yourself, it's better (and eventually easier) to equip others to do the work alongside you.

Where do you need to do this?

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