Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby and Blogging Update

I'm excited to announce the arrival of: Kelton Judah Lindell

He was born 11:55am yesterday and checked into his earthly life at: 7lb 4oz

I'm posting this both as an announcement and as a way of saying that I'm hoping to keep up with my twice-a-week blog schedule.

I realize that I could take a break guilt-free.  (Having a baby is about the only excuse you can use to get out of anything.)

But I don't want to do to that.  Because if I miss one post, its going to be easier to miss a second.  And if I miss a week, it's going to be easy to miss two.  And two weeks turns into a month just like that.

So I can't make any promises on quality, but I am going to make a run at continuing my posting schedule.

Here goes nothing.

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