Thursday, March 1, 2012

Old Journal Entries

I recently ran across an old journal where I had penned the original thoughts and plans for this blog.  Some of it, quite frankly, is a little embarrassing and naive.

However I found this list of potential content quite interesting in that I seem to have hit on a number of these topics without even remembering that I wanted to.  Here's the list verbatim: Content
  • Multiplying Disciples w/ Accountability Groups
  • Support Raising
  • Staying Skinny
  • Ekklesia
  • Prayer Journal
  • Conversations with ___
  • Summer Day Camps - Good fit for our society
  • Sabbath
  • time management?
  • Why this website?
There's a lesson here on the power of writing things down.  By my count I've written something on half of these topics, and that's without ever looking at this list as a reminder to myself.

Closing question: Anything on that list that you the reader think I should cover? (or write on more in-depth?)

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