Monday, March 19, 2012

The Jackson Filter

It's hiring season at Camp of Champions USA.

We're in the midst of searching for 125+ summer staff members.  It's both exciting and nerve-racking.  Exciting because the eventual potential of these candidates to change the world is through the roof.  Nerve-racking because one mis-hire could mean disaster.

But this year, I've got a new filter to help me as we hire staff: The Jackson Filter.

Jackson (my oldest son) is able to attend camp this summer.  So with every potential staff member I've been asking myself: Would I want Jackson in this person's care?

This isn't really a new idea: We've always asked all references to tell us if they would be comfortable having their child with potential staff members.

But somehow it comes a little closer to home when it's my own son!

I'm not sure, but I think this could translate to other lines of work as well.  If you're a youth pastor, is the ministry at a point where you would feel comfortable with your own teenager in it (even if you were gone)?  If you're an insurance salesman, would you want your mother coming to your office to buy insurance (even if you're not there to make sure she's treated well.)*

Just a thought...

*I'm thinking the odds that an insurance salesman reads this blog are pretty low, but you never know.

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