Monday, February 27, 2012

Which comes first?

The chicken or the egg?

I know the answer to that one.  But how about this one:

Which comes first?  Being a disciple or making disciples?

Which one are we supposed to do first?  Where do we put our priorities?  Do we focus first on being a fully devoted follower of Jesus, or do we prioritize making others fully devoted followers of Jesus?

What do you think?

My answer:
I think they go hand in hand.  You can't make disciples of Jesus unless you are one.  But if you are a disciple of Jesus, you're going to be making disciples (or at least you should be according to the Bible.)

Trouble comes when we emphasize one over the other.  If our only focus is being a disciple, we become in-grown and self-absorbed quickly.  If our only focus is making disciples, we leave others no example to follow when it comes to our personal relationship with God. (Or worse, we make disciples who aren't actually following the Lord, just us.)

Thanks to Tim Reist for spurring some of these thoughts.

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