Monday, February 13, 2012

If I Should Have a Daughter...

With all due respect to Sarah Kay...*

If I should have a daughter...
  • I'd tell her not to settle for any guy.
  • I'd live in such a way that it's going to take one awesome guy for her to be more impressed with him than me.
  • I'd tell her to watch her Mother, and pursue excellence in all things, just like her.
  • I'd tell her that any guy who isn't brave enough to pursue her is certainly not worth her time.
  • I'd let her know that any guy who dates her for years but doesn't ever propose isn't worth dating in the first place.

But since I have sons...
  • I'm going to tell them to not just be "any guy."
  • I'm going to live in such a way that they have an example to follow, so they can be that awesome guy.
  • I'll still tell them to watch their Mother, because any girl worth pursuing is going to be a lot like her.
  • I'll tell them to be brave enough to pursue a girl, because if she's like their Mother she's worth their time and effort.
  • I'll tell them that if they have no interest in marrying someone then they have no business dating them.

And if you're someone's daughter...
  • Don't settle.  Seriously.

*Note if you watch the video this link takes you too.  She says the "d---" word once.

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