Monday, November 21, 2011

A Shout Out to Common Cents

I wanted to give a quick word of praise to the program I use for my family finances and budgeting:

 Last year at this time I spent (literally) over 3 months scouring the internet for something I could use.  I'm not sure I have high standards as much as I'm pretty picky.  Here's why I like CommonCents:
  • I don't have a to pay a monthly fee.  There's a one-time cost involved, but then I'm done.  (The $35 is about the cheapest I found for something quality.  Any "free" budgeting software was severely lacking.)
  • It's on my home computer.  I know in our smart-phone age it's "better" to have constant access to everything, but being a little old-school, I like that I can keep the software on my home computer and track everything from there.
  • Envelope budgeting.  It's the bomb.  CommonCents allows nearly unlimited flexibility and number of envelopes.  No other software I researched came close in this area.
  • It looks like a checkbook ledger.  Not as pretty, but it makes sense to me.

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