Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspire Me: Some numbers to shoot for

"By the year 2003, John was regularly training 3-400 church planters each month. 'You never know who God is going to use,' he smiles, 'so we keep training everybody!'  John's passionate commitment to train everyone is one reason the movement has exploded past his original vision of 200 churches.  Today, the movement is spreading across several districts and shows little sign of slowing. 
In fact, by all indications, the Nandong movement is still building momentum. In the year 2001, 908 churches were started with 12,000 baptized believers.  The following year, the Chens saw 3535 new churches planted with more than 53,430 baptisms. Then in the first 6 months of 2003, the movement had produced 9,320 new churches and 104,542 baptisms. Today John leads 15 deputy trainers in 30 training centers meeting in homes and church buildings as the movement continues to grow."
From Church Planting Movements

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