Thursday, October 13, 2011

BOOR October 2010: Deliberately uninformed, relentlessly so [a rant]

Parts of this post from Seth Godin have stuck in my mind throughout the entire past year, so it was fun to revisit these ideas.

Here's where you can find the best thing I read online last October: Deliberately uninformed, relentlessly so [a rant]

And here are a couple good quotes to inspire you to go read the whole thing:
Many people in the United States purchase one or fewer books every year. Many of those people have seen every single episode of American Idol. There is clearly a correlation here. 
Not all books are correct or useful. Not all accepted science is correct. The conventional wisdom might just be wrong. But ignoring all of it because the truth is now fashionably situational and in the eye of the beholder is a lame alternative.
And a thought from me:  It is easier than ever to find out anything about any subject... so why are we still ignorant about so much?

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