Thursday, September 15, 2011

A short riff on disciple-making

Is the term 'disciple-making' becoming a buzzword?

We can give lip service to making disciples like Jesus did, but not actually be doing it.

We get excited talking about making disciples in a Jesus-like way.  We get excited when we hear stories of others doing it.  But there's a little bit of tension.  How do we make it happen?

It WOULD be correct to say that we don't need to have an overloaded life to do ministry like Jesus did.
It would be INcorrect to say that we don't need to make any major changes to how we do life and ministry.

I'm personally feeling the tension between Jesus-like disciple-making and our current western Christianity.

It can be refreshing to hear that we don't need to pack our schedules to make disciples like Jesus did... let's just be sure we aren't hearing we don't have to do anything different.

Call it a rant... but does that make any sense?

(Note: The bulk of this post came from an e-mail exchange I had with a friend.  He liked it enough that I decided to post it. Hope you hate it.)

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