Monday, September 12, 2011

BOOR September 2010: Don't Buy Stuff

My wife found this post first.  It's simple, yet if you follow the advice, revolutionary.

That’s it.  My title is my post.  Don’t buy stuff…that’s all I have to say.
 When asked what my favorite frugal tip is…Don’t Buy Stuff is the best thing I can come up with.
When you buy stuff, you have to pay for it with money.  And then you have to find a place to put it once you bring it home.  And it won’t stay where you put it because someone will get it out and not put it away.  And then it will get lost.  Or broken.  Or forgotten.
Buy food.  You need to eat.
Splurge on toilet paper.  It’s very useful.
Invest in soap…using soap is good.
But don’t buy stuff.
You’ll save a lot of money.
And…if you didn’t really need it in the first place, you won’t even miss it.  ;)

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