Monday, August 8, 2011

What do you really do?

The title I have at Camp of Champions USA is 'Regional Director', but that says almost nothing about what I do each day.  When it really comes down to it, here are some of the specific roles I find myself filling.

Communicator:  I don't think I realized before this summer how much I am in the business of communicating.  I communicate to staff, to parents, to campers and to supporters and donors.  A huge part of what I do is communicate.  I need to do it well.

Set-Up Man:  It is my job to set-up camp to succeed.  This means prepping facilities and activities, planning games and programs, and preparing trainings and teachings.  What I do throughout a season of ministry might only be as helpful as the set-up I've done previous to it.

Leader:  I need to be someone worth following.  Decisions that I make and directions that I give will be more readily received if I've been leading people the whole time.

So what do you really do?  It's worth figuring out.

Because while I have no idea how to improve as a 'Regional Director', I can surely work on improving my communication and leading.  Likewise, if I don't understand or accept my role as a set-up man, I could get frustrated or bored with some of the mundane activities I find myself doing.

Look past your job title.  Seek to improve what you really do.

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