Monday, August 22, 2011

How do you choose disciples like Jesus?

I'm in the midst of choosing a couple guy staff to invest in through this school year.  So I'm currently asking myself this question: How do you choose disciples like Jesus did?

A couple obvious but very important answers:
  • Pray.  (Luke 6:12-13)  I could always do more of this.  I'm guessing you could as well.
  • Spend time with them.  Between when Jesus called his first disciples (in John 1) and then specifically chose 12 to be his apostles, (in Luke 6) there was at least a full year that went by.  Now I'm not choosing any personal apostles, but I am choosing to invest more strategically into a couple of guys.  I'm very glad that a summer of ministry at COCUSA lets me have a lot of time with them.
Simple.  Obvious.  But are we doing it?

Another question I'm asking myself is: Who has the most-potential but least-opportunity to be a disciple who makes more disciples?

I realize that is a long worded question, but to break it down:  I'm looking for someone who has the potential to continue disciple-making after I'm gone.  And I specifically want to target someone who might not have the opportunity to receive that sort of mentoring and training anywhere else.

File this post under: Random thoughts on Disciple-making.

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