Thursday, August 18, 2011

Covering the Bible in 6 Stories

I'm hoping to meet with a neighbor this fall to do a Bible study.  I don't know a lot about him, but I'm fairly certain he is not a Christian.  What I would like to do is a quick, story-centered, overview of a Biblical worldview.  Here's what I have so far:
  1. Creation- How it all began: Genesis 1 and 2
  2. The Fall- How it all went wrong: Genesis 3
  3. Jesus is Born- The Savior arrives: Luke 2
  4. A Bunch of Miracles- Jesus proves he is God: Luke 8
  5. Jesus' Death and Resurrection: Luke 23 & 24
  6. The Church Starts: Acts 2
I'd love your feedback!  If we got together and studied these six Bible stories, would they communicate the basics of the Gospel to someone who has never heard it before?  If not, what should be added or taken away?


  1. I like it Pheaney! The suggestion I would have would be to lump creation/fall into one story and include God's promise to Abraham/Abraham and Isaac.

    I think this communicates a need for a rescue plan. God setting up and foreshadowing that plan and then your last stories showing the culmination of that plan.

  2. I agree with Ben. I would also find some way to emphasize Judges or the communicate the futility of man living without God, but how we continually try to do so.

    There's a lot that happens between the Fall and Jesus being born! You can't cover it all in a format like yours, but there's an overarching cyclical theme of man rejecting God. I view trying to live without God present in our lives as the root of much sin, so a true understanding of that nature is fundamental to a mature understanding of the Fall.

    I know that's suggesting a 7th item to your list. Maybe it could be tacked onto the Fall, depending on how you present.

  3. Steve & Ben- Thanks for the comments. I'm not specifically set on only 6 stories... it's just what came to mind. I would like to keep it under 10 though.

    What about adding Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac in Genesis 22?

    I'm not sure what one story from the judges/kings/prophets I would throw in. But you're right, there is a lot between Genesis 3 and the gospels.

    Thanks for your help!

  4. You could maybe make the Abrahamic promise and the sacrifice of Isaac into one story.

    Combine the story of Moses, the exodus, the golden calf and the wandering in the desert into one story that shows how the people keep rejecting God and not getting it, despite what he gives to them.

  5. See the first two posts that come up at

  6. Okay... the first post at is a video where I told the story of God (what you listed above basically), then tied it into my story... because my story includes God's story : ) and then I ask others what their story is. I think you need to also tell your story... because it's all how God invaded your life... and you love it.

  7. Part of what I wanted to to do (and I didn't communicate in my original post) is stick with a specific section of Scripture. My desire would be to model studying the Bible at the same time we're covering the Gospel.

    Bill- Now that camp is over maybe I can find some time to watch/listen to that video. And great point about including my personal story.

    Thanks for the feedback guys.