Monday, July 11, 2011

Planning to be Bold

As I said here, I wanted to share some additional thoughts on boldly sharing God's word.

I realize you can have a tendency to overplan these things, but generally for me, no plan means no action.  On multiple occasions I've found myself in a conversation that's going well when I think: "I should talk with this person about Jesus."

But then I don't.  It might just be timidity, and I've been praying and reading Scripture on that.  But in the event that it's also a lack of preparation, here's one plan to be bold.

Step 1: Be around people who need Jesus.  For me this means hanging out with kids and meeting parents while at camp.  Another example is if you're going to a coffee shop, sit in the comfy relaxing chairs instead of at a table.  (There is a much better chance you strike up a conversation with a stranger.)

Step 2: Be a friendly conversation starter.  Talk to people!

Step 3: Attempt to point the conversation somewhere spiritual.  Questions like: Is there anything I can pray about for you?  Is there more to life?  Do you believe in God?  What happens after you die?  What do you believe when it comes to spiritual things?  With camper parents one specific question I'd like to ask is: What do you think about the Bible stories we teach the kids?   (Note: These all might be better prefaced with a: "Can I ask you something?")

Step 4: At that point, really seek to listen to them and find out what they believe.  If the conversation has gone well to that point, most likely you'll have the opportunity to speak specific Gospel truth into their life.

Step 5: Depending on how the conversation ends, have a tract available to give them.

Any additions, subtractions or advice for this plan?

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