Thursday, June 2, 2011

WITH God: The Introduction

Starting Monday, summer day camp at Camp of Champions officially takes off for a full 11 weeks.  One thing I really enjoy each year at COCUSA is leading a weekly staff devotional time during morning meetings.  This year I'm also planning on posting these devotionals in blog form. 

The theme at Camp this year is 'The Great Adventure.' We're going to be telling the entirely storyline of the Bible over the course of the summer, starting in Genesis 1 and going all the way to Acts 28.  (We didn't think grade school children needed too much eschatology from Revelation.)  For each section of Scripture we're sharing with the campers, I'm going to trace the call to walk 'WITH God' throughout the Bible.  Not only does the Bible present a 'Great Adventure', but it also calls each of us to join in and fellowship with God along the way.

We'll start in one week!

Note: The idea for this devotional series came from Skye Jethani and is being done with his permission.  You can find one of his sermon on the concept here (the second one from the top).  And a free PDF of the first chapter here.

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