Thursday, June 9, 2011

WITH God: Anytime

What would it look like to walk WITH God every moment of your life?

Read Genesis 5:21-24.  (I'm not going to quote it here.  Get out your Bible or click the link to read it yourself.)

Twice in those verses we see the phrase "Enoch walked with God."  I did a little digging on the Hebrew language behind that phrase.  This definitely refers to more than a weekly stroll through the park.  To quote the NET study Bible: "The phrase suggests that Enoch and God 'got along.'"  It's almost as if the study guys didn't know how to sum it up... they had to put "got along" in quotes.

When was a moment you walked with/got along with God?  One of my walking with God seasons was when I spent the summer as a counselor at an overnight camp.  The second week of camp I had a rough group of kids that caused me to focus on the Lord in prayer.  That focus continued throughout the summer.  It was amazing to be walking with God like that.

What about you?  Have you had a moment or season where you walked with God?  Where you and God "got along?"

I'm going to suggest that you can walk with God anywhere while doing anything.

There's one obvious exception to that, but we'll get to that it in a few weeks.

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