Monday, June 6, 2011

So it begins

Today is the day Camp of Champions starts an 11-week run of summer day camps.  We'll be open from 7:30-5:30 from now until August 19th at six different locations in central Illinois.  Every summer God does amazing things: the amount of potential ministry right now is through the roof.

But I want to do my part to see that it becomes realized ministry.  Here's the plan:

(I'm sharing it with you for two reasons: 1) So I can have clarity on these ideas, 2) So you can take an idea useful to you and steal it!.)

Why? The word of God is really important!
What? Memorize the 2011 Summer Memory Verses.  Be able to quote them without looking on August 31.
More: Each year we give the campers one memory verse a week.  Some summers I memorize the verses, others I don't.  I want this summer to be one summer I do.

Why? Being with people is more important than sitting in my office.
What #1?  Set a one-hour timer when you need to do office work.  Leave when it goes off.  Rotate when this office time happens.
What #2?  When I arrive at a camp location set a one-hour timer. Don't look at my task list until the timer goes off.
What #3?  Use paper (and not my computer) to keep track of my tasks and to-dos.
More:  I always default to less important work. (If we're honest I think most of us do.)  If I let myself, I will put typing an email or checking a box on a to-do list as a higher priority than just being with real people.  All of these are my attempt to curb that.

Why? Time with my family is just as important as time at camp.
What?  Label two or three days each week as "Energy Conservation Days": Attempt to purposefully conserve energy (to use later in the day with my family).
More: I don't want to come home totally wiped each day.  I need energy and awareness for my wife and kids.  (Note: This isn't an excuse for laziness at work.  Its just that on these days I don't need to be playing 20 games of dodgeball and freeze tag for three hours.) 

Why? I need to intentionally check up on myself in these areas.
What #1?  On the third week of camp, record what I do every 15 minutes.
What #2?  Have some close friends ask me about these goals weekly.
More: A couple weeks into the summer, I want to take a look at the numbers.  What am I actually doing with my time and is it what it should be?

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