Monday, May 30, 2011

Thoughts on Developing Training

This week for Camp of Champions' staff training I'll be leading no less than 14 different training pieces.  Each one averages about 45 minutes in length.  The topics are all over the board, but pertain to ministry, camp, children, etc.

I'm going to post this now, before the training happens, just in case it's all a train-wreck.  But here are some thoughts and tips for how to develop training en mass.
  • Start with a blank piece of paper.  You can do a little research and study and prep, but really early in the process get your thoughts down on paper.  Thanks to Do the Work by Steven Pressfield for this idea.
  • Start with the Bible.  It's not going to happen for all of my trainings, but I would ask you: How can you work passages of Scripture into anything and everything you're teaching?
  • Mix it up.  Move from a whiteboard to a projector to nothing... and then back to a whiteboard.
  • Tackle your preparations in bite-size chunks.  I probably would have gone crazy had I tried to develop all 14 training pieces in one day.  But spreading them out and dabbling with thoughts in each one over the last month has made the whole process enjoyable.

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