Monday, May 16, 2011

BOOR May 2010: A Seth Godin Special

This month's edition of my Best Of Online Reading features several posts by Seth Godin.  I have no idea how one person can write so many quality posts in one month.  But he did and I'm passing them all on.  He must have had his Wheaties for breakfast throughout last May.  Here's the titles (linked to the original post) plus a quote to hopefully intrigue you. 
  • Where do you find good ideas?  "Do you often find ideas that change everything in a windowless conference room?"
  • Sentences, paragraphs and chapters  "Finding people to rearrange the chapters, to criticize the very arc of what you're building, to give you substantive feedback on your strategy--that's insanely valuable and rare."
  • The circles (no more strangers)   "Or consider a non-profit looking to generate more donations. Is it better to embrace the core donor base and work with them to host small parties with their friends to spread the word, or would hiring a PR firm to get a bunch of articles placed pay off more efficiently?"
  • Hardly worth the effort   "The last ten percent is the signal we look for, the way we communicate care and expertise and professionalism."
  • We're the same, we're the same, we're...   "After all, if everything is the same, why not buy what's cheap and close?"
Another plus about all of these posts is they are short and sweet.  So if any of the titles or quotes intrigued you, click and read!

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