Thursday, April 28, 2011

Notes on Making Disciples of our Boys, Part 3

Continuing thoughts from Part 1 and Part 2.
  • We want to take one day off each week (completely off).  We've done this pretty regularly for the last few years and it has been fun to watch our boys look forward to our Sabbath.  (Pronounced "Sabbaf" by some in our house...  And it's entirely possible their favorite part is the pancakes we always have for breakfast and the pizza we usually have for dinner).   As I've said before, we purposefully focus our day on God and each other.
  • Use the rod.  I previously posted some Bible passages on parenting: One read through Proverbs was enough to convince me.  The book Shepherding a Child's Heart has a great section on this Biblical concept.
  • As they get old enough, I'm planning on taking them to work with me.  Even as I write I'll admit that that it is slightly terrifying idea.  I'll let you know how it goes. (If I survive)
  • While we want to take a specific "man-cation" at age 13 (Thanks for that name Theresa!), raising three boys in our over-sexed culture means we can't wait until 13 to start diving into topics of purity and sexuality.  I'm not totally sure on the plan, (although thanks to inquisitive minds we've had several conversations already.)  I do know I want to discuss pornography with them by age 10, as I've read in a few places the average boy sees a pornographic image by the age of 11.
  • Lastly, what's the goal?  By the age of 18 we want a full functioning adult.  But more importantly, we want men who are following Jesus.  That's the end-result we're looking for anyway.

Up next?  Parts one through three... organized!

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