Monday, March 21, 2011

Why 'Why Evolution is True' Isn't

Over the last several months I read the book Why Evolution Is True by Jerry Coyne.  I read it along with a friend and we stopped to discuss it at various points.

This book did not convince me that evolution is true.  But as a believer in the Bible and Biblical creationism it did give me some things to think about.  Below are a few follow-up steps that I pursued for my own mental stability.  I don't offer them to say "Once and for all I've proved evolution false."  Rather, I'm saying "If something doesn't jive with a Biblical view of the world, do some research and find out why."
  • Find and read a "rebuttal".  It's not that I didn't trust Coyne's work... it's just that I didn't trust his work.  To be serious, the topic of evolution and creation is so loaded that there aren't any neutral parties.  I thought it was important to track down the opposite opinion and see what it said.  This article comes from a proponent of Intelligent Design with two Ph.D.s. It's long, but a good counter-opinion to a book supporting evolution.
  • Research Noah's ark and how many animals/species could fit on it.  This might seem random, but if I'm going to believe in Biblical creationism, then I also have to believe in the Biblical flood.  You can find several good articles concerning the space on Noah's ark.  Here's one of them that suggests all of the animals could fit easily.
  • Research the fossil record and dating methods.  How old is the earth?  I don't think we can prove the exact age, but I do know that the Bible doesn't fit the greatest with a 4.5 billion year-old earth.  (When is its birthday, by the way?)  This article offers some inaccuracies with the current dating methods used to arrive at billions of years.  (About halfway through the article a section titled "The Facts" details  volcanic rock formed in the 1900s being dated at millions of years old.) 
There you have it.  I'm sure there are many people who could blast away at any of these, but for this follower of Jesus, the Bible still wins.

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