Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is BETA?

What does BETA mean?  If you check you will find multiple definitions ranging from "the second letter of the Greek alphabet" to "a brand of tape format for VCR tapes."  Neither of those are what I'm after.

Merriam-Webster's fourth definition is "a nearly complete prototype of a product."  That's it!  (Or at least close enough.)

When it comes to living and parenting and being a disciple and making disciples... and so many other things... I don't think we can wait until we've found the perfect plan before we get going.  I think we need a plan and then we need to start moving and see what happens.  Software and Internet applications are often in the "beta testing" phase for a long time.  Gmail (Google's e-mail program) was labeled as BETA for five years yet still had millions of users during that time.

Let me illustrate what BETA means for me and this blog:  I know I want my kids to follow Jesus.  I've got some decent ideas on how to lead them in that direction.  But by no means have I developed the parenting plan that will never change.  It's a prototype that will probably not ever be complete. 

What are you still planning that you need to get out and do?  Launch the BETA version and let me know how it goes.

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