Thursday, March 24, 2011

Notes on Making Disciples of our Boys, Part 1

My wife and I LOVE our three crazy boys.  My current favorite story of them is here.

But along with funny stories comes a huge responsibility to show them how to follow Jesus.  What follows is some points in our plan to show our kids Jesus and encourage them to follow Him.  We're still putting an overall plan together, and hopefully as a result of this post (and follow up posts on the same topic) I'll eventually be able to offer a more concise and organized version.
  • Starting at age five, we want to take each child out on a "date" once each month, alternating between mom and dad.  Our goal is to get regular time together that will hopefully foster conversation as they grow.  (We still need to think of another name for these when it's me going out with one of them.  Some ideas are 'man-date', 'outing'... I'm up for suggestions.)
  • The Bible: We plan on working in a Bible into every-day life.  Currently this means some crazy acting along with a story before we go to bed.  As our boys grow we picture reading a passage of Scripture before eating dinner.
  • Speaking of dinner: We want to eat dinner together as often as possible.
  • At age 13 I want to take each boy on a "man-trip."  (I'm really struggling with creativity this morning.)  The basics to cover: relationships, sex, pornography, responsibility, etc.
  • We want to seek to make our home safe from sexual temptations.  This means an internet filter on the computer and being selective about what media gets brought into our house.
We'll start with those five points.  Look for additional posts on this topic in the future.  All of them will be labeled "BETA" as I have so much to learn about parenting.  (More on BETA in a later post as well.)

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