Monday, March 28, 2011

Inspire Me: CS Lewis on the Love of God

Read this one slowly.
When Christianity says that God loves man, it means that God loves man: not that He has some disinterested...concern for our welfare, but that, in awful and surprising truth, we are objects of his love.  You asked for a loving God: you have one.  The great spirit you so lightly present: not a senile benevolence that drowsily wishes you to be happy in your own way, not the cold philanthropy of a conscientious magistrate, nor the care of a host who feels responsible for the comfort of his guests, but the consuming fire Himself, the Love that made the worlds, persistent as the artist's love for his work and despotic as a man's love for a dog, provident and venerable as a father's love for his child, jealous, inexorable, exacting as love between the sexes.
From The Problem of Pain by CS Lewis, Chapter 3.

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