Monday, February 28, 2011

Stop Doing List

I've read about creating a 'Stop Doing List' in a couple of places.  (Good to Great and the Management Buckets come to mind.)  But as we are almost already done with the first two months of 2011, I thought it was time to buckle down and write it out. (Really, where did the last 59 days go?)

Below is a list of things that I'm planning on Stopping.  My hope is that through choosing specific things to Stop I can prioritize my life around what is important.  Here goes.
  1. Stop reading so many blogs.  I currently use Google Reader to subscribe to 56 blog feeds.  I'd like to at least drop that number under 50.  ...And I'm done.  It was that easy.  Where do you need to limit your 'inputs'?  You can only take in so much information.
  2. Stop checking my cell phone so frequently.  Seriously.  That's why the silly thing rings and vibrates.  Leave it alone until it goes off.
  3. Stop showering.  Just kidding.  I wanted to make sure you were paying attention!  (But think of all the time you would save!)
  4. Stop running to the computer for your task list.  Spend 30 seconds thinking about what you should do instead.  I think overall this will save time because I won't end up checking my e-mail, responding to messages, etc.
I'm still debating on this one:
Stop pursuing workshops at conferences.  I really enjoy doing this but they also take a good amount of time for preparation.  I think maybe it's time to stop seeking out opportunities and let them come to me (while acknowledging they may not.)  Maybe.  Like I said, I'm still debating.

To come up with this list I looked at my current task list and thought through a normal day.  I also prayed that God would show me what I could 'cut out'.  If you make (or have made) a similar list, I'd love to see it!

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