Thursday, February 3, 2011

BOOR February 2010: Are you sad because of an empty line?

This is short enough that I'll copy the whole post.  Find the original (and more blogwork) at Guy Richard's blog.
I was walking out of a Staples in DC and noticed that the lady behind the counter looked down and out. I smiled at her and said, “early morning, huh?”  She smiled, rolled her eyes and said, “it’s dead.”

Isn’t it funny how some people need movement to be happy? Yes, this lady could have been down even if her line was packed with customers. But chances are, if her line were packed her mind would be on the task at hand leaving no time to dwell on the negative until the rush was over.
I believe the issue is not in “busyness” but in “purpose.” Purpose keeps people joyful even when there is not a line.
Where there is lack of purpose there is lack of joy.

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