Monday, February 7, 2011

And the winner is...

The winner of my 2nd annual football contest is...

Dave Getz

Dave's original pick was the Packers over the Patriots.  Thanks to the points tiebreaker, he beat out Kyle O'Hagan who chose the same Superbowl match up.  Congrats Dave!  I'll be contacting you about your free book and coffee discussion.

Here's my short message for all you losers out there.  (Losers of my silly game, not in life of course).

Pick a book on my list and read it anyway.  Or if you don't like one of my books, find another one and read it.  I'd love to hear what you decide to read.  And I'd love to discuss with you too.  (I'm just too cheap to pay for everyone's book and coffee).

Please comment if you feel so inclined.

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