Monday, January 3, 2011

Pheaney's Second Annual NFL Playoff Contest (with Prize Pack!)

Here's your chance to win a fabulous prize pack from me.  And all it takes is a little football knowledge and/or luck.  Read on for the details:

Prize Pack
Part 1: I buy you a book off of my 2011 reading list. (Find it here.)
Part 2: After you read the chosen book, I'll take you out to lunch/coffee to discuss. 

Contest Details
Your challenge is to correctly pick the Superbowl Winner from the current playoff field of 12 teams.

(That's it.  Pretty easy huh?)

I'm also including the following tie breakers:
Picking of the Superbowl Loser
Predicting the total points scored in the Superbowl.
Signing up for '' updates over e-mail.  (This might be slightly shady, but as it is the third tie breaker you can probably get away with not doing it.)

So what are you waiting for?  Here's where you enter your picks!

Fine print: 
Any remaining ties will be decided by a coin flip.
If the winner is a female, my wife will take you out while I watch my three boys.
Contest closes before the first playoff game begins.

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