Monday, January 31, 2011

Inspire Me: One Generation Away

If every Christian were to lead just one person to Christ every year, and disciple that person so that he would in turn do the same next year, it would only take about thirty five years to reach the entire world for Christ.
From Neil Cole in Cultivating a Life for God, page 122

He goes on to point out that this means we are one generation away from fulfilling the great commission.  (And only one generation away from extinction if we stop making disciples.)


  1. While that's statistically true, it overlooks the practical failures of our strategies. Realistically, that would only happen within the context of people we know and encounter. We'd quickly reach the US, Europe, etc.

    But certain people groups are almost completely cut off, meaning that to keep that rate up of one per year, we need to get out there.

  2. Good point. Personally, in my adult Christian life I have not even come close to averaging one fully devoted reproducing disciple of Jesus a year. So that's what I'm shooting for...

    Hopefully a few of those disciples would seek to reach those who are "cut off."