Thursday, December 23, 2010

Book Recap Part 3

Here are the three books that I read in 2010 that had the most impact on me.  Before I start, let me make sure that it does NOT go without being said: The Bible impacted me way more than any of these.  I read it (nearly) daily this past year and I continue to find it inspiring and challenging.  I consider the Bible to be the most important book that I own.

Without further ado:

How the Mighty Fall by Jim Collins   I loved Good to Great by Collins, but I read it after the 2008 financial meltdown (in which two of the good to great companies, Circuit City and Fannie Mae fell dramatically.)  As the title suggests, Collins takes a look at those companies (and others) and tries to give a systematic explanation of how the great become not-so-great (or even obsolete).  He does a great job.  There are specific things you can look for within an organization to see if it is headed towards or already in a state of decline.  That is incredibly useful.  (It is also terrifying to me, because a lot of decline stems from poor leadership.  Bottom line: I need to seek to be a great leader.)

Hurt by Chap Clark I read this book because my wife and I volunteer with the student ministries at our church organization.  It was tremendous.  Just reading it gave me a bigger heart for teenagers.  Clark makes the case that as a society we have abandoned our teens to live and learn on their own.  The bulk of the book is a brutal description of the toll that that abandonment has taken on the lives of real kids.  You should read this book.

Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp  Maybe it's no surprise that a book on parenting is the book with the most impact from 2010.  If you are a parent I would go so far as to say you need to read this book.  It is the best description of Biblical parenting principles I have found.  I think a lot of my specific takeaways from this book will come out in a "parenting plan" that my wife and I are putting together.  (One aspect of that plan: reviewing this book each year.)

So here's the challenge:
If you're like me and you read 10+ books a year, hopefully my book recaps give you a little more knowledge and help you focus your reading.  (Maybe they'll save you from reading a lame book and help you decide to read a great one.)

If you're not like me in that you read less than 2 books a year on your own free will... what have you got to lose?  Pick one of these three and go for it.  (Just let me know, so I can cheer for you.)

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