Monday, November 1, 2010

Why a blog?

I originally launched a website bearing my name for reasons detailed here.  To summarize, I knew it would be a good way to challenge myself to write more, which in turn would force me to be more clear about all I say and do.  Hopefully it doesn't come across as prideful, but I feel that I have accomplished that.

So I recently decided to go one step farther... I want to regularly publish on this blog (stay tuned for my posting schedule).

But why?  Here goes:

Here is my explanation of why I have this blog (and yes, it is one sentence long on purpose):
I want to use this blog to inspire, encourage, challenge, and equip others to follow Jesus and be more like him in every area of their life. *

Here is my description of my intended audience (also one sentence long on purpose):
This blog is for you if you want to be more like Jesus tomorrow than you were today. 

If you don't fit this description, you're still welcome to keep reading.  But I thought you should know who I'm writing ahead of time.

*Hopefully I am doing this without a blog too!  Specifically I hope to lead people that I could not otherwise connect with due to time constraints.

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