Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Quotes on "Misquoting Jesus"

The title "Misquoting Jesus" should automatically speak to the fact that I don't think very highly of Bart Ehrman's book.

I will admit I am neither a seminary grad nor a textual critic, and as such I offer these thoughts as a guy who reads his Bible and loves Jesus:
This book confirmed my faith more than it tore it down. I kept waiting for a clear “You-can’t-trust-the-Bible” argument, and it never happened.  Most of his examples of textual criticism actually reinforced to me that we do have a very accurate rendition of Biblical text today, even though we do not have the original manuscripts.  His explanation of mistakes in our current translations still appeal to the fact that there is a correct original reading that can be discovered (because with every mistake he highlights he still gives his opinion of what the correct reading should be.)  I believe God's Word is 100% divine, yet has been written, transcribed, translated, and interpreted by 100% humans.  Hold both truths as equal and you should do fine.

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