Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reviewing notes on Visioneering

I really enjoy taking notes on books.  And I equally enjoy reviewing those notes...

Some random thoughts as I reviewed Visioneering by Andy Stanley:
  • This is a great book if you have lots of ideas for your organization or ministry but don't know where to take them.  You could probably use it as an "Idiot's Guide to Fulfilling Your Vision."  It's that practical.
  • Stanley uses the book of Nehemiah as a guide and template.
  • I would describe this as a Personal Growth Plan for your organization.  As such there is great advice and ideas for anyone who leads and organizes.
  • If you're going to read one chapter, read chapter nine.  It breaks from the main focus of the book to talk about personally vision casting into every person you meet.  It is powerful stuff.
  • Here's my quick recap:
    • Chapters 1-7 Wait for your vision
    • Chapter 8: Launch it
    • Chapters 9-17: Tinker and fix.
  • The one quote from this book I want you to hear: “Businesses and ministries are a dime a dozen. Even successful businesses and ministries are not on anybody’s endangered species list. But strong marriages are rare indeed. Healthy families are the exception, not the rule.”

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